We produce experimental, documentary, essay short films and specialised in only creative documentary feature length films that have inspiring, ground-breaking narratives. We are also interested in contemporary performing art productions.

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short film

The film portrays the loss of sense of belonging to the earth, the milieu where she is being. "Ah" does not tell a story, It brings up an abstract narration of a state of being, in other words it depicts a kind of visual narration of a young woman’s psychological state of mind that tell us about the trajectory of the vicious cycle of her inner world.

Fragility   I   Abstract   I   Melancholia   I   Solitude 


  • 3rd Jaipur Film World 2017 - Semi finalist
  • Bafta recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017 - Semi finalist
  • Venice Film Week 2017 Official Selection
  • Lisbon International Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
  • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
  • Moviate Underground Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
  • ARFF Berlin // Around International Film Award 2017 Official Selection
  • Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

Director and scriptwriter: S.Buse Yıldırım

Producer: S.Buse Yıldırım

Cast: Esin Alpogan

Running time: 16mins

Shooting Format: HD

Film Color: Color

Date of Production: 2016

Language: no dialogue

Aspect Ratio: 16:9



I am a fiction / I am a fantasy

Creative short documentary / In production

A contemporary fabulous voyage to the universe of Ünver Oral, Karagöz Shadow Play master which is a part of traditional theatre.

Portrait    I    Playful    I    Finale    I    Poetic   I    Collector

Director and Scriptwriter: Sevinç Çalhanoğlu and S.Buse Yıldırım

Producer: Lita House of Production




fbook kapat.jpg

Creative Feature Documentary / In development

Kundura means shoe in old Turkish. The creative documentary "Kundura" depicts the cultural transformation of the historical Sümerbank Beykoz Shoe and Leather Factory in Istanbul. Over time the post-industrial spaces of Kundura became the centre of attraction in creative industry and I have been witnessing this process of transformation since my adolescent years. In the film, we explore the notion of identity in/of the space through discovering my personal relationship with Kundura itself, as a property owner.

Post-industrial   I   Memory   I   Space   I    Identity

Director and scriptwriter: S.Buse Yıldırım

Producer: Lita House of Production




Short Fiction film / In development

Adapted from a short story written by the notable author of Contemporary Turkish Literature Sema Kaygusuz. The story is based on meeting of two characters, a customer and a tailor. We witness their insightful conversation while discovering their difference in life.

Encounters   I   Identity Politics   I   Difference   I   Stranger

Director and scriptwriter: S.Buse Yıldırım

Producer: Lita House of Production